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Airline Charter

Posted on April 4, 2014 at 8:30 PM

 Airline Charter

If you have a large group of people that you want to move effortlessly, then chartering an entire airliner might be the solution. 

  • The benefits and options are staggering!
  • Many more airports to choose from so that your departure and arrival airports may be closer to where you are departing from and where you are actually going to.
  • Set your own departure or arrival times. Your schedule is our schedule, pending any government restrictions.
  • FBO or Fixed Based Operator departure and arrival. FBO's are where general aviation pilots/aircraft access the airport's facilities. FBO's are the friendlier and easier access portal to the airport. Many offer free parking and offer executive accommodations in their lounges.
  • If your group is coming by bus, we can arrange for bus to aircraft boarding, and have the luggage loaded directly using the FBO's facilities.
  • If everyone is arriving separately and on different airlines, terminal departures and arrivals may be more convenient. We do these too!
  • Have your luggage transported effortlessly.
  • Knowing everyone on the aircraft!
  • Being able to choose your own catering and beverage service. Open bars are available as well as no alcohol flights.
  • Having your individual or groups needs taken care of.



The possibilities are endless. Please let your Air Denver Charter Coordinator know the details of your transportation movement so that we can customize your service to your exact needs. When your needs change, let us know so that we can customized your options!


When chartering an entire airliner, there are a few questions you have to ask to keep yourself legal. Are you a single entity or do you need to file as a "Public Charter"


Single entity charters

Single entity charters , are air charter flights where the entire cost of the aircraft is paid for by a single person, company or organization. Passengers on single entity charters do not and can not pay for their individual seats. Examples of this are where a college sends it foot ball team or band to a "Bowl Game", or a company sends their employees to a training session, where the college or company pays for the entire charter, and the individual's do not. If this is true, you do not have to file for a "Public Charter" with the DOT.

Public Charters

Public Charters are where a single person, company or organization charters an entire airliner, and then sells the individual seats to the general public. An example of this is when your team is going to a "Bowl Game" and the fans want to come to join in the fun.


A good rule of thumb is if you are advertising in any way to the general public, and if the individual has to pay for their seat, you will have to file as a Public Charter.


Pro Rata Charters

Then there is Pro Rata Charters. These are charters where individuals pay for their own seats, however, they all belong to the same group or organization and the general public can not buy into the charter. Also, the groups sole purpose can not be for travel. The group or organization setting up these charters have been together for at lease six months prior to the charter. If you are in this category, you will have to file as a Public Charter, but without having to put up the money for the Surety Bond normally associated with Public Charters.


Your Air Denver Charter Coordinator will be able to answer your questions and assist you with the necessary filings. We will file the necessary forms on your behalf, however, monies for filing fees and bonding requirement will be your responsibility.


Many times there is only a minimal amount of time from the time you find out you need a charter, to when the charter actually goes. Air Denver can arrange and set up your air charter, and have your DOT paperwork filed in as little as a day or two.


In Air Denver's 30+ year history,  they have filed hundreds of Public Charter Prospectuses for our customers. Everyone has been completed on time and a 100% success!


Please see "Public Charters" for an overview of what is required and the monies needed to set up a "Public Charter"


Notes: The Department of Transportation can fine charterers up to $1,000 per seat on charters where individual seats where sold, and the charter was not filed as a "Public Charter". You are not allowed to advertise your charter, until you have your charter filed for, and have received your Public Charter Number.

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